by Sunweaver

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Recorded from between Summer 2014 and Summer 2015 in USA, Nepal, Thailand, and Indonesia
All songs written and recorded by Brandon Bodhi Denton


released August 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Sunweaver Asheville, North Carolina

Sunweaver is the current solo music project of Brandon Bodhi Denton. Previously, his music project was named "Mountiæn Blęs" and "Oaken Voices".

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Track Name: Swimmers
Hey you, can you still see the light?
Hey you, can you still feel her eyes?
Hey you, do you still love her mind?
Hey you, will you remember mine?

Sisters of the current delight
tell you "It's fine, it's fine, it's fine"
Swimmers of the highest divide
will you come closer to my life
Track Name: Summer
The Sun went home
and we laid our bodies down

Summer came and went, its goodbye so colorful
speak with aliveness and sweat,
God is listening
Track Name: Brave Boy in the Gold Light
Sun soaked in the ringing air
you run, see how you run
Head to the ground your eyes glisten now
and I absorbed in I

Spread our color high from you
Look, see how you came

Hide from the Sun
I see your sails spread out like birds
You came to wear the Lords sweet lungs
and breathe upon me now

Take me higher, higher still
Merge my mind in You
Track Name: May You Live in the Sun
I like to live in the Sun, I like to live in the Sun, lady
I'll live in yours alone
I'll let your love unfold and grow and then I'll call it my home
I'll live in yours alone
I'll live unknown and watch you slowly make your way in my home
May you live in the Sun, lady
Track Name: Holding the Water with Open Hands
Walk slow hold your hands still
In the waves we can still keep the motion slow
Call the rain to come

My winter turned to summer
Little one you know you could still change me
I'll always know the waves
Track Name: Trees
Will you hold the forest in your dreams
I'll leave only laughter at your feet
Drink gold in the sunbeams on your face
and whisper my name through the trees

Be still as the mountain at your feet
No, it's not easy, but it's also not difficult
Can you hear this from the trees?
Bathe in honey sweet sunbeams in everything
and show me everything as you please